The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network

Our network is an all-digital group of over 500 DMR-MARC repeaters in 75 countries with 63800 registered users. There are 4229 registered DMR repeaters world-wide in our database. we are all amateur radio operators many of whom are Motorola Solutions employees, Motorola Service Station employees, dealers, system installers and Motorola equipment aficionados.

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Repeaters on our network are connected all the time. TRBO radios have great voice quality, great coverage, and extended battery life all in LESS THAN 1/3 the channel bandwidth of a traditional analog FM repeater with TWICE as many voice channels! Our mission is to offer you a reliable and scalable choice in connectivity: local, regional, national and international. Isn't it time you upgraded to digital radio's cutting edge?

TG16 Worldwide Italian

    TG16 Worldwide Italian is now available on from our DMR-MARC core servers.

    DMR-MARC and DMRPlus Partnership Update

      Dear DMR-MARC users,

      As a follow-up to our announcement in August 2016 regarding our partnership with the DMRPlus network, we have some more exciting news to share with you regarding our collaboration with the DMRPlus team. Firstly, our testing of the new DMRPlus interconnection talkgroups, which include DMR+ USA (TG133), DMR+ UK (TG143) and DMR+ South Pacific (TG153) has been very successful and we have decided to roll these talkgroups out to all repeaters connected to our network. We have also added DMR+ Quebec - French (TG131), and DMR+ Latin America - Spanish (TG134). This will allow any device connected to the DMRPlus network, including commercial Motorola or Hytera repeaters, homebrew MMDVM repeaters or base stations, the upcoming DV4mobile and DV4mini users worldwide to access users on either the DMRPlus or DMR-MARC networks. The rollout has already started and will be completed over the next few weeks.

      Secondly, we have decided to allow all of our US regional talkgroups (TG3169, TG317x), and Canadian provincial talkgroups (TG302x) to be interconnected with the DMRPlus network as well. By combining the stable and robust nature of DMR-MARC network with the flexibility and experimental nature of the DMRPlus network, we hope to create a combined global DMR network that suits the needs of all ham DMR users.

      With regard to the traditional DMR-MARC talkgroups, we have heard numerous concerns expressed by our users around the potential impact of experimental devices on these talkgroups, so accordingly these talkgroups will remain exclusive to the DMR-MARC network for the time being. These talkgroups include:

      - Worldwide (TG1)
      - Europe (TG2)
      - North America (TG3)
      - Oceania (TG5)
      - Worldwide German (TG10)
      - Worldwide French (TG11)
      - Worldwide English (TG13)
      - Worldwide Spanish (TG14)

      We believe that by providing a two tier approach to talkgroups with some designated as robust and reliable, while others open to experimentation and feature development, we can provide our users with the best possible DMR experience.

      In addition, we would like to thank all of our loyal users for their generous contributions to our network over the last seven years. Many of you have invested time, hardware, and financial resources to our network, which has helped us to build the world's largest DMR network consisting of over 500 repeaters in 60 countries that is used by over 10,000 hams every day. Most importantly, your efforts have helped to change the face of ham radio digital communications forever and we hope the hobby is all the better for it.

      Again, we appreciate all of your support and look forward to making DMR great for the benefit of the entire ham radio community.

      The DMR-MARC Administrative Team. .

      North American Talkgroup has Returned to Full-Time Usage, not Just a Calling Channel

      DMR-MARC Network Users,

      Effectively immediately, the North America talkgroup (TG3) will return to its original purpose as a wide-area talkgroup available to all North American hams for general QSO at any time. We believe that the North America talkgroup is more effective as a meeting place for all hams, rather than only as a calling channel. Accordingly, we encourage all hams to use this talkgroup for general QSOs spanning across multiple North American repeaters as a way to bridge the distance between us. In addition, we kindly ask that hams respect the fact that this talkgroup is widely distributed and that they keep conversations to a reasonable length and take regular pauses to accommodate others that might want to join the QSO. Remember, User Accessible English 1 (TG113) and User Accessible English 2 (TG123) are available on many systems as talkgroups to continue your conversation if you feel that it is going to be lengthy in nature.

      Hope to hear you all on North America soon! Best regards & 73’s!

      The DMR-MARC Administrative Team

      New Repeaters on the network

        CallsignLocationFrequencyColor CodeOffsetCountry
        W6TRWRedondo Beach, California 449.46250 2 -5.000
        VK3RPSMT COTTRELL , Victoria 439.72500 1 -5.000
        ka3laoChambersburg, Pennsylvania 146.41500 1 +1.000
        KD9IPRParkfalls, Wisconsin 444.75000 2 +5.000
        VA1DIGTruro, Nova Scotia 442.65000 1 +5.000
        N1ITRLitchfield, Maine 146.70000 12 -0.600
        WA5IHLAlbquerque, New Mexico 442.25000 1 +5.000
        N3YMSDover, Delaware 146.79000 1 -0.600
        KB1CFLConcord, New Hampshire 145.42000 7 -0.600
        K2ATYMt. Beacon, New York 441.01875 10 +5.000

      New Users on the network

        Radio IDCallsignNameLocationCountry
        3121390 KN4GNV Richard Louisville, Kentucky
        4500103 DS5NST Ockjae Jung-Gu, BuSan Si
        2344099 G0OEY Andrew Harwich, England
        2344098 G4OUK Simon Cheshire, England
        2344097 M3PQX Mick Chesterfield, England
        3021029 VE1RMJ Robert Oxford, Nova Scotia
        2021154 SV1FXF Manolis Athens, Attiki
        2602049 SP2TFV Dariusz Gdask, Pomorskie
        2602050 SP2QVS Piotr Wrocki, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
        2022056 SV2RNO Oratios Evosmos, Thessalonik, Kentriki Makedonia

      Featured Stories

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      • The Weekly Tech Net has moved back to North America TG3 at 02:00 UTC Thursday (Wednesday night in the Americas - 9pmET, 8CT, 6PT)

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      • DMR-MARC on Amateur Radio Newsline (1 March 2013): Audio or Text

      • Read all about DMR-MARC at the Ontario Science Centre. Thanks VA3XPR!

      • BEWARE! CPS 8.5 requires a 25 kHz entitlement key to program 25 kHz analog channels. The entitlement key is free with a paid CPS subscription but we see no need to update subscriber firmware newer than R01.09.10 using CPS 8.0

      Network Update

      • Please make sure you read the radio programming instructions before transmitting on the network!

      • FIRMWARE MATRIX - We HIGHLY recommend ALL DMR-MARC trustees and bridge partners to ONLY use the below firmware. This helps minimize system incompatibilities.
        Repeaters ONLY R02.40.20
        Mobiles and Portables
        R01.09.10* (or newer)
        Mobiles and Portables
        R02.30.01 (or newer)
        CP200d, CM300d, XPR2500
        Mobiles and Portables
        R01.00.00 (or newer)
        C-Bridge ONLY 8743

      • IMPORTANT!!   Repeater Firmware R02.30.20 has been released. Please update your repeater immediately. NEVER BLINDLY UPGRADE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF REPEATER FIRMWARE!!! Newer firmware is not always better. Sometimes it has serious flaws. Only follow the Firmware Matrix suggestions. You have been warned. Again.

      • ADVISORY!  If you upgrade an XPR4550 or XPR6550 past R01.09.10, you will need a 25 kHz entitlement key for wideband 25 kHz analog channels. Therefore, we recommend R01.09.10 and CPS version 8 for programming those units.

      • The Regional talkgroups are now available to users in any region.

      • Regional Talk Group Status:
        Talkgroup Name Group Call Activation
        Northeast 3172
        Mid Atlantic 3173
        Southeast 3174
        Southern Plains 3175
        Southwest 3176
        Mountain 3177
        Midwest 3169

      • NETWORK ISSUES: If you notice any problems, complete the form under the Contact Us link at the top of the page. This way your observation gets routed to the specialists. Complaining on the air, even during the weekly net, will do you no good. Thanks for your patience and help in this matter. If you have any additional detailed questions, contact your local repeater trustee.

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